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Big Market, Huge Opportunities Await

Chinese consumers gather in social media communities like Little Red Book, WeChat, Weibo, and even entertainment platforms like Douyin (also known as Tik Tok) to share and learn life inspirations in various fields, such as shopping, parenting, cosmetics, fashion and to seek for new lifestyles.

The China influencer economy is estimated at over $18 billion this year.


China has restricted U.S. services like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, which prevents western influencers from reaching their fans in China organically. We want to help bridge the gap between you and Chinese fans by bringing you to them!


Daily operation on different major social media platforms real Chinese are using


Red (in Chinese “Xiaohongshu”) is a Chinese preeminent lifestyle sharing community.

Used by about 250 million Chinese Consumers, Red is a social platform similar to a combination of Instagram, Pinterest, and Amazon. Users are encouraged to post photos of themselves and tag clothes, accessories, or any other products they use to the corresponding Ecommerce listings within the platform. Most users are young females from18-35 age group. Together they create a great community atmosphere by sharing anything they are interested in. Even celebrities and influencers love sharing products, tips, and life on RED.



Douyin, also known in the western world as Tik Tok, is a short-video platform, allowing users to easily create unique short videos with multiple filters, effects, stickers, background music, and other editing tools to share with friends and the world. It is a great community for common people to create and share their own content and especially preferred by young people.

Douyin has grown its enormous popularity not only in China but also in the western world. There are about 100 million active users in China and 500 million active users globally.

User-generated content is highly encouraged and facilitated by Douyin. 



Weibo, in Chinese Weibo, means microblogging, is usually known as the Chinese version of Twitter. Although Weibo is challenged by other social media tools such as WeChat, Toutiao, and Little Red Book and no longer dominates China’s social space, Weibo marketing is still an essential tool for brands to gain awareness in China.



WeChat (in Chinese “Weixin” standing for micro-message), originally a messaging app similar to WhatsApp, has been developed way beyond chatting and becomes a super app, with most of the amazing features of different western apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber, Tinder…) combined.

WeChat Key Opinion Leader advertising is the most efficient type of WeChat marketing. It can be affordable, it is targeted, and provides social-validation for new sellers. Key Opinion Leader advertising means paying a WeChat blogger to promote your brand. The KOL can either write an article about your brand or link to your WeChat account somewhere in the article.

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